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“The Johnson Brothers Store was a community landmark in DuPont for much of the 20th century. The Bavarian Apartments is the site of the original store. This building was one of the first structures erected in the DuPont Historic Village in 1909. Constructed by the DuPont Company, it was leased first to a Mr. Downing to be a store.” Reference Material: “DuPont Heritage Plan, 2014, Pgs. 46-50

We were contracted to renovate one of the ground floor apartments for the owners of the property to live in. First we ripped out the old kitchen and bathroom and lifted the ceiling in the living and master bedroom. The bathroom was completely reconfigured to a more efficient use of space and the W/D moved into the kitchen. Raising the ceilings and opening up the kitchen makes the space feel large despite being less than 1,000 square feet. The entire floor had to be leveled with individually cut floor joists where the old post and beam system was crowning and sagging in multiple directions. The new fresh face of this interior is lively and comfortable and large windows flood the whole place with generous light.

Location: Dupont

Size: 850 sqft

Build Date: Spring/Fall 2017

Designed By: Sam Olson of ABNW