While Olive was in the hospital, her house was vandalized and the roof started leaking. Olive contacted us to fix the roof but it didn’t feel right to just fix the roof and leave the rest of the house the way it was. The back walls where the leak occured were soggy and falling apart, but we didn’t stop there with the repairs. We arranged for volunteers and donations and coordinated work on the house including: fresh paint in all the rooms and kitchen cabinet boxes, removal & repair of broken light fixtures, sealing off the eaves of the attic space for better storage, replacing almost all the flooring, and a new thermostat. Olive’s house is fixed up and livable once again. A special thanks goes out to: Sherwin Williams for donating paint, LDS Church Volunteers for boxing and removing all the interior belongings, and GC Flooring for donation of materials and install.

Location: Lakewood

Size: 897 Sqft Residence + 360 sqft Attached Garage

Build Date: 2015

Designed By: na