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To our delight Renee contacted us with this project originally as a panel order, but we opted to help her with the construction. Unfortunately family matters took her out of town during the build, but we still got the shell up in record time and she was thrilled to come home to it. To hear read more on her amazing story and to see regular updates on her tiny house build just visit her website

Client Review: “While I was [away], I was in contact with the team at Advanced Build NW via email. Sam was great with sending me photos and keeping me apprised of the progress each day. While it would have been nice to take part in the build, I knew I was where I needed to be and that my tiny house was in good hands.” (“Tiny House – It’s SIPS Time.”, Posted Dec 8, 2015)

Location: Wherever the Road Takes Her

Size: 20′ x 8′

Build Date: Winter 2015

Designed By: Renee herself

Website: Repurposed Redhead